We Reviewed the top 6 neuropathy supplements in 2018 and here is what we learned

Posted on November 28, 2018 by Maria Johnson NeuropathyRemedyReport.com

Our Research Method

We used two factors to determine a supplement's qualities: the ingredients, and the experiences that real people had with it.

First off, if a product didn't have the ingredients mentioned above, there was virtually no chance that it would score well in user reviews or our tests. You simply can't have an effective product without effective ingredients.

Then we looked at the company itself and evaluated the company based on whether or not they're attempting to cash in on the new joint health trend, how long they've been around, and some other metrics, such as their return policy.

And finally, we talked to customers directly to see if they enjoyed their experience working with the company-especially the most important question: would they buy from them again?

Finding the Best Supplement

Of course, the #1 question that people have is: how do you decide which supplement is best?

DOES IT CONTAIN EGGSHELL MEMBRANE? A no-brainer, but you'd be shocked by how many companies are still pumping out supplements that don't take advantage of this breakthrough ingredient. Sadly, many companies are more concerned with getting rid of their inferior old formula than with serving their customers.

DOES IT CONTAIN A POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY? While building up your joint tissue is essential, it also takes time. That's why you need something to ease the joint inflammation that causes so much pain. Look for ingredients like turmeric, Boswelia Serrate extract, and white willow bark.

HAS IT BEEN THIRD-PARTY TESTED? This one can't be overstated. Of the products we tested, over half didn't have the ingredients they claimed. The only way to know for sure what's in your supplement is to see if it's been verified by an independent third party.

With these criteria in mind, we evaluated almost two dozen joint supplements to find out which one was most effective. Read on to find out who was crowned #1.

What Our Research Found

As we suspected, a lot of products failed to pass the initial ingredient test. Lots of companies offer inferior products that are don't have the ingredients necessary to make a difference, including the all-important eggshell membrane.

What's worse, some of the products that did have eggshell membrane listed on the label didn't have nearly as much as they claimed. One supplement even claimed to have "over 500 mg of eggshell membrane"- but when we tested it, we found it only had half that much!

Other companies were rejected because they were difficult to contact, and often only offered one product, which always sets off the alarm bells in our heads. Naturally, we'd never recommend one of these brands to our readers.

This left as with only a handful of high-quality supplements from trusted suppliers. Of this group, though, one joint supplement stood out from the rest of the pack.

This supplement:

HAD A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT of the active ingredients we look for in a joint supplement

HAS BEEN THIRD-PARTY TESTED ,giving you extra peace of mind