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Life Extension Fast Acting Joint Formula Review


Life Extension Fast Acting Joint Formula Review



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Life Extension is a supplement that claims to assist with arthritis and other joint complaints by combatting inflammation of the joints and keeping them flexible. Read on to get all the facts about this product.


  • Hyal-Joint
  • Decursinol-50
  • Cynatine (solubilized keratin)
  • Silica
  • Vegetable stearate
  • Mycrocrystalline cellulose
  • Gelatin


The dosage is up to you: you can take 1 capsule daily, but if you want quicker results, take 2 per day. If you opt for the latter dosage, be sure to reduce your dosage back down to 1 per day once you have seen the desired effects.


One 30-capsule bottle (1-month supply) is $39 (this is currently on sale for $26.33, as well as a 4-bottle package for $24.30!!).

Possible Side Effects

There does not appear to be a problem with this supplement: it is well reviewed by customers who largely reported it to be completely safe.


The product comes with a fantastic 365-day guarantee. Many manufacturers barely offer enough time to properly try their supplements out, so this is a massive advantage. (Please note that the refund does not include the shipping fee).


Although the product does not attempt to completely rid your body of aches and pains, Life Extension seems appropriate for customers with muscle and joint complaints. The risk factor is well-covered by the guarantee, and well-reviewed by its customers. Better yet, its affordability is twofold now that it is on sale at an enormous discount. As there is such little risk factor involved, we recommend trying this supplement now while it is at its most affordable.

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