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Mytrition Joint Personal Pack Review


Mytrition Joint Personal Pack Review



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Joint Personal Pack (by Mytrition) is a supplement intended to promote joint health, and is available as capsules, soft gels, and/or tablets. Read on to see what we thought about this product.


  • Chondroitin
  • MSM
  • Glucosamine sulfate
  • 250mg boswellia serrata extract
  • 25mg calcium
  • 5mg bioperine
  • 800mg turmeric extract
  • 1100mg marine lipid concentrate
  • 38IU vitamin E
  • 25mg grape seed extract
  • 50mcg zeaxanthin
  • 50mcg astaxanthin
  • 1mg lycopene
  • 1mg lutein
  • 10mg inositol
  • 10mg choline
  • 25mg cranberry concentrate
  • 5mg black pepper concentrate
  • 50mg pomegranate extract
  • 50mg green tea extract
  • 50mg alpha lipoic acid
  • 105mg fruit and vegetable blend
  • 1mg vanadium
  • 0.4mg silica
  • 2mg boron
  • 75mcg molybdenum
  • 120mcg chromium
  • 2mg manganese
  • 2mg copper
  • 200mcg selenium
  • 25mg zinc
  • 250mg magnesium
  • 150mcg iodine
  • 500mg calcium
  • 80mg pantothenic acid
  • 300mcg biotin
  • 80mcg vitamin B12
  • 800mcg folate
  • 80mcg vitamin B6
  • 35mg niacin
  • 80mg thiamine
  • 80mcg vitamin K
  • 30IU vitamin E
  • 30IU vitamin D3
  • 1200mg vitamin C
  • 5000IU vitamin A


Take one pack of Joint Personal Pack once daily with food.


A 30-packet (1-month supply) is $39.99 from either Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

Consult your physician beforehand if you are being treated for an existing health condition. Not for children younger than 18 or pregnant/nursing women.


Mytrition offer a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee that is active from the date of purchase.


Aside from what we have already discovered about this product, there do not appear to be any customer feedback reviews, which can be quite a worrying sign for a lot of potential customers.

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