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Nature Made Fish Oil


Nature Made Fish Oil



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Fish Oil (by NatureMade) is an Omega-3 dietary supplement that is without gluten content or preservatives and that is constituted by hygienically-sourced fish. Read on to find out more about this product.


  • Omega 3
  • EPA
  • DHA


Take 1 softgel 2 times per day with water at mealtimes.


  • 300 Softgel Bottle $24.99
  • 3 x 180 Softgel Bottle $37.99

Possible Side Effects

Pregnant and nursing women, children younger than 18, and those who have a pre-existing health condition or are being treated for one should consult a health professional before taking this supplement. You may also experience an unpleasant aftertaste when taking this product, as well as nausea, stomach aches, and diarrhea.


There is a full manufacturer guarantee on offer in the event of customer dissatisfaction. Overall, previous customers tended to be happy with this product, although a small minority were dissatisfied with it; alas, not everyone will be happy with every product.


Some of the information on this product, such as the concentration of each ingredients or the directions for usage, is vague or potentially misleading. The possible side effects and the unpleasant aftertaste also have us concerned about this product. However, it is a very reasonably-priced product that most customers seem to trust, and the fact that it comes with a full manufacturer guarantee also strikes us as constituting a particularly worthwhile product.

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