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Naturemade Triple Flex with Vitamin D3 Review


Naturemade Triple Flex with Vitamin D3 Review



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Triple Flex (by Naturemade) is a supplement designed to target muscle and joint pains at the source to alleviate their tensions, all the while repairing cartilages and preventing inflammation to promote optimum flexibility and mobility. Read on to discover the facts about this supplement.


  • 75mg sodium
  • 2000IU vitamin D3
  • 750mg MSM
  • 800mg chondroitin sulfate
  • 1500mg glucosamine HCI

Note: this supplement is free of ingredients such as gluten, sugar, and shellfish.


Take 2 capsules daily (separately or together). The product will take 4–6 weeks to reach its desired effects.


A 120-capsule bottle is $21.05 on Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

There do not appear to be any harmful side effects with this product, but pregnant/nursing women, along with those with medical conditions and/or prescriptions (especially nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, anti-neoplastic medications, anti-diabetic medications, or anticoagulants), should speak to their doctor before use.


Even though the manufacturer does not sell the product directly from their website, they do offer a customer satisfaction guarantee (the details of which are unfortunately not provided).


Ultimately, this is mostly an appropriate supplement for those with joint and muscle pain as well as those suffering the effects of inflammation. However, this supplement is not appropriate for people with certain dietary restrictions, and the information provided on the website could do with being clearer.

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