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Omega 3 (by Pregnancy Plus) is a fish oil supplement that, unlike many such products, is designed specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as those trying to conceive. It also assists with the promotion of nervous, circulatory, and cardiac systems while strengthening the eyes and brain. Furthermore, it is good for the baby’s attention span and cognitive development while reducing the risk of developmental problems. Read on to discover more about this product.


  • Natural citrus flavor
  • Natural mixed tocopherols
  • Purified water
  • Glycerin
  • Gelatin
  • Fish oil


The manufacturer’s website states that you should take this supplement 3 times per day, although it does not provide any further information such as how you should administer the capsules, how often to take them, or how to divide the doses up through the day.


A 90-softgel bottle (1-month supply) is $17.95; however, if you purchase a three-bottle package, the price of each bottle becomes $15.98.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer provides very little information about what side effects could occur when taking this supplement, but it does state that the formula is free from gluten, corn, yeast, and artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.


There is no customer satisfaction guarantee, so there is no chance of a refund if you are unhappy with the supplement. However, the product is very well reviewed by its previous customers, most of whom applaud the fact that it doesn’t cause the same unpleasant aftertaste so common to supplements such as this.


As a supplement that has been designed by doctors, this can be considered a very safe supplement for use by expectant mothers. Because it is all-natural, there should be very little chance of negative side effects.

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