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Super Joint Cleanse Review


Super Joint Cleanse Review



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This supplement, named Super Joint Cleanse, is intended to assist with the functioning and flexibility of the joints. It also improves the production of antioxidants and the suppression of inflammation, both of which help to combat the aging process. Read on to learn all the facts about Super Joint Cleanse.


  • 500mg astaxanthin
  • 50mg L-Lysine
  • 50mg L-Cysteine
  • 99mg turmeric extract
  • 100mg chicken collagen type II
  • 100mg Bosellia serrata
  • 150mg MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
  • 303mg taurine
  • 200mg glucosamine
  • 115mg zinc
  • 112mg magnesium
  • 57IU vitamin E
  • 234mg vitamin C


Take 4 capsules 3 times a day with meals.


One 90-capsule bottle is $18.99 from the manufacturer, but $14.19 from Vitacost.

Possible Side Effects

Although there do not appear to be any serious or harmful side effects incurred by using Super Joint Cleanse, it is worth remembering that you should keep this supplement away from children, and to avoid it altogether if you are breastfeeding or expecting.


Unless you purchase this supplement from a third-party seller that has their own return policy on offer, it does not appear that you are able to get an actual manufacturer guarantee with this product.


It is strange that Super Joint Cleanse does not contain Hyaluronic Acid, which is supposed to be among the best and most effective ingredients for combatting the aging of the joints. There are also very few user reviews, and the product is likely to trigger allergies for some.

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