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The Vitamin Shoppe Triple Strength Turmeric with Curcumin


The Vitamin Shoppe Triple Strength Turmeric with Curcumin



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Triple Strength Turmeric with Curcumin (by the Vitamin Shoppe) is an all-natural product that uses its titular ingredient to promote overall wellbeing. It is designed to:

  • Assist with weight management
  • Treat depression
  • Stabilize mood swings
  • Assist with digestion
  • Assist with anti-inflammation
  • Promotes skin health
  • Combat symptoms of aging
  • Eliminate free radicals

Read on to discover more about this product to see if it could be the turmeric supplement for you.


  • 900mg turmeric extract
  • 95% curcuminoids
  • 5mg BioPerine
  • Vegetable cellulose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silica

This product does not contain:

  • Animal byproducts
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Citrus
  • Nuts
  • Yeast
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Soy
  • Salt
  • Gluten
  • Fish
  • Dairy
  • Corn


The manufacturer recommends that you should take 1 capsule daily as a dietary supplement.


120-tablet bottle: $49.99

There are no special offers available with this product that might provide discounts for bulk purchases or monthly refill subscribers.

Possible Side Effects

Pregnant and nursing women, children younger than 18, and those who have a pre-existing health condition or are being treated for one should consult a health professional before taking this supplement. The manufacturer has not disclosed any information about side effects that could be experienced when taking this product; however, previous customers have reported that the capsules themselves have been difficult to swallow, and that in some instances, they have experienced indigestion.


There is a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee available with this product that offers a full refund on all unwanted items. However, the manufacturer only refunds the purchase price of bottles that have been returned unused.


There are many good elements to this product that are good; however, the return policy is very stingy, and we were unable to find any customer reviews for this product, which suggests that it is not very popular at all. We recommend that you try out other options of this kind that are currently on the market and offering more benefits within the price range of this product.

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